In his career, Mark Bronner has been involved in a number of business ventures. He has been involved in labor, construction, investments and diamonds. Mark Bronner has been a diamonds professional for 20 years.

The east coast has always served as home fro Mark Bronner. He spent his formative years in Dowington, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. Bronner grew up with five brothers and sisters.

Both of Bronner’s parents worked. His father taught economics at a local university and his mother worked as a nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The Bronner learned the ethics of hard work. Starting in high school, all the Bronner boys worked construction at Daniel J. Keating full time when they were not at prep school.

Following in his three brothers’ footsteps, Bronner enrolled at Malvern Prep. Not intending to play tennis like his brothers, Bronner turned to Lacrosse. He earned a partial scholarship to the University of Delaware.

At the University of Delaware, Bronner became interested in investing. He interned at Philadelphia financial firms in the summers. He earned a bachelors degree in business at Deleware.

Following school, Bronner embarked on a number of business ventures, starting at his old construction company. Bronner would eventually go out on his own as an investor.

In the investment field, he made a lot of contact with professionals in the greater Philadelphia area and all along the eastern seaboard. The most important connection Bronner made when he was looking at an energy company in southern Pennsylvania. There, he crossed paths with investment banker Julie Morris.

At the time, the two would compete in bidding for the company. However, Bronner approached Morris and asked her to coffee. She at first declined, but gave in Bronner’s persistence. Mark Bronner and Julie Morris would marry three years later.

Henry Wilson, former classmate of Bronner at Deleware, approached Bronner with an opportunity to expand from investing to diamonds.

With his partner, Mark Bronner entered in the new and strange diamond business. At first, the pair operated exclusively in Philadelphia as a diamond retailer. Bronner moved north to the New York City area in 1991.

Bronner lives with his wife, dog, and six kids in Darien, Connecticut.