Most individuals are ignorant of the part jewels play in bringing true profits to individuals in the nations around the globe where precious stones are sourced. No place is this more apparent than in Africa.

It is additionally in Africa that this same asset has been utilized to reserve clash. In 2000, a coalition of governments, non-legislative associations and the jewel business cooperated to address this issue.

In 2002, they made the Kimberley Process Certification System, an UN-upheld handle that has basically dispensed with the exchange clash precious stones. Today, in excess of 99% of the world’s supply of precious stones is from sources free of clash. is devoted to exhibiting the actualities about clash jewels, alongside how precious stones are driving financial development and success in nations as far and wide as possible.

Reality #1:
An expected 5 million individuals have admittance to proper health awareness all inclusive because of incomes from jewels.

Reality #2:
Clash precious stones have been decreased from pretty nearly 4% to significantly short of what 1% since the usage of the Kimberley Process in 2003.

Reality #3:
An expected 10 million individuals all inclusive are straightforwardly or by implication backed by the precious stone industry.

Reality #4:
The precious stone mining industry produces in excess of 40% of Namibia’s yearly fare profit.

Reality #5:
Precious stone incomes empower each tyke in Botswana to accept free instruction up to the age of 13.

Reality #6:
In July 2000, the worldwide precious stone industry advertised its zero-tolerance approach towards clash jewels and keeps on driing this arrangement.

Reality #7:
Sierra Leone is currently settled and sent out give or take $125 million precious stones in 2006.

Reality #8:
Give or take one million individuals are utilized by the jewel business in India.

Reality #9:
Give or take $8.5 billion value of jewels a year originate from African nations.

Reality #10:
More than 99% of precious stones are presently from clash free sources and exchanged under the UN-commanded Kimberley Process.

Reality #11:
The Diamond Development Initiative was built to enhance the working states of artisanal mineworkers.

Reality #12:
The income from precious stones is instrumental in the battle against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Reality #13:
Under the Kimberley Process, harsh jewels must be sent out and foreign made when joined by a declaration from the sending out nation.

Reality #14:
The philanthropy Jewelers for Children subsidizes a group based look after stranded kids in South Africa.

Reality #15:
An expected 65% of the world’s precious stones originate from African nations.

Reality #16:
Today, 74 administrations and the true blue precious stone industry are all dedicated and lawfully bound to destroying clash jewels.

Reality #17:
The jewel business has acquainted a framework with help give more prominent affirmations to retailers and to furnish shoppers with the consolation that their precious stone is from a clash free source.

Actuality #18:
Jewels represent 33% of the GDP (give or take $3.3 billion) of Botswana. Since freedom in 1966, the prior year precious stones were uncovered in Botswana, GDP yearly development rate arrived at the midpoint of 7%.

Actuality #19:
Real world pioneers – including Nelson Mandela – have refered to the criticalness of precious stones to the lives of African individuals.

Reality #20:
It is evaluated that one million individuals work in the casual (astisanal) alluvial jewel burrowing area.

Reality #21:
Some precious stone delivering nations are not Kimberley Process consistent.

Reality #22:
In November 2007, 74 administrations, heading Ngos, and the World Diamond Council conceded to measures to further fortify the Kimberley Process.

Reality #23:
At the 2007 Kimberley Process Plenary, the business submitted stores and assets to address difficulties confronted by nations with a high commonness of artisan alluvial mining.

Certainty #24:
In August 2007, Turkey was invited as a member in the Kimberley Process.